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CI Member Spotlight

CI staff wants to acknowledge members that go above and beyond in their commitment to CI’s mission. Every month, through the Insider, CI website, and social media, a member who is highly engaged and has consistently contributed to the Institute’s mission through various efforts will be highlighted.


March 2020

Folashade (Sade) Healy - New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP)

Sade Healy has worked for the New York Department of Environmental Protection (NYDEP) for 10 years. She oversees the Risk Management Program responsible for the management, implementation and maintenance of an effective and strong EPA Risk Management Program (RMP), OSHA Process Safety Management Program (PSM) at three water treatment facilities. She is also the Respiratory Program Administrator for Water Treatment Operations facilities.

Sade has been involved with the Chlorine Institute since 2010 and has been a member of the Product Stewardship Issue Team (PSIT) since 2016. She has chaired various task groups and is currently the task group chair for Pamphlet 155) Water and Wastewater Operators Chlorine Handbook review. She has participated in regulatory reviews and member checklist updates and other tasks to promote the goals of the Chlorine Institute.

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Randy Rowe, ERCO Worldwide - Nov. 2019 CI Member Spotlight

February 2020

Matt Bond – Westlake Chemical Corporation

Since he began his career in the chlor-alkali industry in 2004, Matt has had experience in everything from transportation, loading, shipping, customer service, tank car repair, and Hazmat/CHLOREP response. Matt has been an active member participant of The Chlorine Institute since he started in the chlor-alkali industry, and says he finds it extremely valuable on both a professional and personal level, for multiple reasons.

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January 2020

Jim Dolan – Occidental Chemical Corporation

Jim Dolan has been involved with the Chlorine Institute since 2012. In the past eight years, he has been extremely engaged as a member of the Product Stewardship Issue Team, of which he’s currently the Vice Chair, specifically with the Responsible Care activities in the water sector area. He regularly attends water sector conferences such as the Ontario Water and Wastewater Conference and Trade Show, the TechNations – First Nations of Ontario Water Symposium, and the Canadian Pool & Spa Expo on the Institute’s behalf and utilizes CI resources in the Ambassador Packages at these conferences. 

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December 2019

Ulises Saldaña – IQUISA-CYDSA

Ulises Saldaña was selected for this month’s Member Spotlight in recognition of his many contributions to CI. Since he became a member in the year 2000, Ulises (on behalf of IQUISA) has:

  • Helped to coordinate IQUISA’s participation in Mexico Transcaer training events in 2018 and 2019 by:
    • Providing training equipment 
    • Providing a large group of knowledgable and enthusiactic instuctors 
    • Conducting a plant tour for select attendees at the brand-new IQUISA Noreste Plant in Monterrey, Mexico
  • Provided yearly IQUISA performance data for Chlorine Institute statistics 
  • Attended and contributed at CI meetings
  • Continuously supported CI’s planned expansion of the CHLOREP mutual aid network into Mexico 
  • Coordinated IQUISA’s participation in the Spanish training webinar (Dec. 2019), with over 20 attendees 
  • Proofread and edited Spanish CI safety resources 

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November 2019

Randy Rowe –  ERCO Worldwide

Randy started working at BASF Wyandotte, a chlorine producing facility in Port Edwards, Wisconsin, in August of 1979 as a Plant Service Technician responsible for loading and repairing tank cars. The plant was purchased in 1980 by Vulcan Chemicals and then by ERCO Worldwide in 2005. 

With the purchase of the plant in 2005, Randy was given the opportunity to represent ERCO at the Chlorine Institute. He says this opportunity was “one of the most unique and rewarding experiences of [his] career.”

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Randy Rowe, ERCO Worldwide - Nov. 2019 CI Member Spotlight