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August Member Spotlight – Manny Correia (Kuehne Chemical Company)

“This is genuinely a privilege and one that I don’t take lightly. Having been considered amongst the extreme talent throughout our industry is a considerable achievement in itself.”

CI: Tell us a little bit about your career journey at Kuehne.

“I have worked for Kuehne Company now for 28 years. During this timeframe, I have experienced challenges from repackaging and transporting chlorine to the management of the New Jersey chlor-alkali facility.”

CI: How long have you been involved at CI?

“My first CI meeting was back in 2001, where I took a key interest in emergency preparedness issues. I have been an active member since then and think what attracted me the most was the level of energy and the comradery from this particular team. The knowledge that I have learned working alongside various mentors has been priceless for both my personal and professional paths.”

CI: What’s something not many people know about you?

“Something many may not be aware of is my interest in ocean cruising. This is something that I genuinely enjoy and appreciate doing when I am able to escape.”

CI: Tell us why are you a CI member?

“I am a CI member because I want to share my knowledge and experience with the rest of the membership. Making a positive and professional impact on our industry remains one of my top objectives.

CI: What’s your greatest CI memory?

Having the opportunity and privilege to work alongside other CI members and Federal agencies to carry out the Jack Rabbit testing successfully has been my greatest participation to date.