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CI Bookstore Pricing Changes Effective June 1, 2022

For many years most CI guidance material has been provided at least for download at no cost to all. To make sure we continue offering the best service we can to you while also allowing us to continue developing and funding the guidance, we will be increasing pricing for our publications. Beginning June 1, 2022 downloading of publications from the bookstore will be at a cost for non-member companies.

We realize that government agencies, public first responders, and water utilities have a need for this guidance material and often have limited funding. To maintain our partnership with those organizations we will continue to provide the material for those groups at no cost. To get the material at no cost those organizations should email CIFreeBookstore@CL2.com with a list of the publications needed.

Members will continue to be able to download material at no cost but will need to log in to CI's website to do so. Please contact info@CL2.com if you require login credentials.