Emergency Preparedness


The CHLOREP® brand has become synonymous with high quality first responder training and 24/7 emergency response services. This is largely due to the unwavering commitment of the Chlorine Institute, its member companies, transportation partners and emergency response contractors to ensure the highest standards are maintained in:

  • CHLOREP team training;
  • Preparedness and performance of CHLOREP Response Teams;
  • Emergency response publications, training videos and workshops; and
  • Contractor verification programs.

Use of the CHLOREP brand by unauthorized parties — who claim to be CHLOREP contractors, who claim to be part of the CHLOREP Network, or who claim to be providing CHLOREP training — can negatively impact stakeholder perceptions and diminish the reputation, value and influence of CHLOREP. This, in turn, can defeat the tremendous gains the industry has been able to achieve — with public policy decision makers and the emergency response community — through its sustained performance and outreach.

In order to protect the integrity of the CHLOREP brand, the Chlorine Institute has obtained a trademark for the CHLOREP program. In combination with the trademark, the Chlorine Institute has developed a brand guide and a "policing" process (integral to the ongoing activities of the Chlorine Institute and its member companies) to: 1) monitor use of the brand; and 2) ensure appropriate action is taken to address unauthorized uses.