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Intelex is a web-based environmental, health, and safety database management system. It allows CI to collect, compile, and analyze safety performance information from member organizations used in internal publications, such as the Performance Indicator Report. Also, CHLOREP activations are recorded in Intelex. The resources and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on this page show how to access Intelex, enter data, view historical data (from your organization only), and print information from Intelex.


What and When to Report


Safety performance can be reported at any time.  CI producer, packager, and bleach manufacture members are required to submit all recordable injuries, RQ and RMP events at their Chlor-Alkali facilities on Form S.  For each RQ and/or RMP event, along with any recordable chemical burn or chlorine inhalation injury, a detailed Form IR is required.


Step-by-Step Instructions with Screenshots



How to Change Your Password in Intelex
How to Fill Out Form S in Intelex
How to Fill Out Form IR in Intelex
How to Fill Out a CHLOREP Report in Intelex
How to View Previously Submitted Forms in Intelex
How to Print Forms in Intelex


Blank, Printable Forms, Routing Flowsheet, and Incident Severity Matrix



Blank Form S
Blank Form IR
Blank CHLOREP Form
Incident Severity Matrix
Form S, Form IR and CHLOREP Routing Diagrams


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What's the Intelex webpage address?


  1. How do I reset my password?
    Go to the Intelex login page,, and click the "Forgot your password?" link.


  1. What if I forgot my username?


  1. I've changed roles and I need my Intelex responsibilities transferred to someone else. How do I do that?
    Contact CI's Project Engineer with the subject line "TRANSFER INTELEX ROLES" and include the name and email of the responsible person and date the change will go into effect.


  1. I've submitted my Form S or Form IR or CHLOREP report. How do I view it?
    Login to Intelex, and up at the top, click the "Site Map" icon. Then you'll see on the right side of the screen a three links - "List of CHLOREP Reports", "List of Form S", and "List of Form IR". Click on the form you would like to view. You can see a step-by-step instructions by clicking the link How to View Previously Submitted Forms.


  1. How do I print out the Form S or Form IR or CHLOREP report I submitted?
    Open the submitted report or form (see previous question for details). Click anywhere on the form you'd like to print, then go to "Print Preview". Then click on "Only the Selected Frame", then print it. You can see a step-by-step instructions by clicking the link How to Print Forms.


  1. Where does the form go after I click "submit" or "forward"?
    Each form has its own workflow or routing, as demonstrated in the Form S, Form IR and CHLOREP Routing Diagrams.


  1. I'd like a blank Form IR or Form S or CHLOREP Report. Where can I find it?
    The forms can be viewed by clicking Blank Form S, Blank Form IR and Blank CHLOREP Form.


  1. Do I include my contractors’ work hours in my total work hours for the year?
    Include your contractors’ work hours if you also count their injuries.  If contractor injuries are NOT included in the injury count, DO NOT include contractor work hours in the total work hour count.  Each reporting facility must either to decide to count both contractor hours and injuries or to exclude both contractor hours and injuries.


  1. How do I report my member category?  Am I considered a producer, packager, or bleach manufacturer?
    These member categories would be for reporting purposes only and is unaffiliated with how dues are calculated or participation at the packager council/member exchanges.

    Producer - Any facility that produces chlorine and either ships it, sells it, or uses it internally.  These facilities have cell rooms.  If a facility produces chlorine and also packages chlorine or produces sodium hypochlorite, that facility should be considered a producer for reporting purposes.

    Packager - Any facility that receives bulk chlorine and packages into smaller containers (cylinders or ton containers).  If a facility packages chlorine into smaller containers AND manufactures other products that use chlorine as a raw material, that facility is considered a packager.

    Sodium Hypochlorite Manufacturers - Any facility that produces sodium hypochlorite by using chlorine that was produced outside of the facility.