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The World Chlorine Council (WCC) is a global network of national and regional trade associations and their member companies representing the chlorine and chlorinated products industries. Their mission is to be a global forum to promote health, safety, and environmental best practices in order to provide society with the benefits of the chlor-alkali industry.

WCC Newsletters

June 2022

WCC Global Safety Team (GST)

The Mission of the World Chlorine Council  WCC Global Safety Team (GST) is to promote the safe production, distribution, handling, and use of chlorine among the member organizations of the WCC. The GST accomplishes its mission by working with WCC member associations to share best practices and safety related incidents throughout the global industry.

WCC Global Safety Team Association Members:

The GST Chair responsibilities are shared on a rotating basis every 2 years between the Chlorine Institute and EuroChlor. 

GST Newsletters

One of the major initiatives of the GST is its quarterly newsletter which provides a great opportunity for sharing of experience from all regions of the world. 

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