FR-DVD) Chlorine Emergencies: An Overview for First Responders

This video has a 25-minute main feature and a collection of video tabs, specific to special topics. Use the links below to view and download both the main feature and the individual video tabs.

Main Feature Video – View Above or Download video
For more information on a particular topic, click on one of the video tabs below:

Tab 1 – Chlorine Overview and Uses
Tab 2 – Chemical and Physical Properties of Chlorine
Tab 3 – Site Safety Plan, Chlorine Emergency
Tab 4 – Community Awareness, Public Protective Actions
Tab 5 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Tab 6 – First Response to Chlorine Exposures
Tab 7 – Chlorine Transport
Tab 8 – Disposal Options for Chlorine
Tab 9 – Mitigation
Tab 10 – Chlorine Dispersion and Ecological Effects
Tab 11 – Shelter-in-Place Considerations

Printable Resources
Student Assessment
First Responder Resources
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