CHLOREP Contractors

An important element of the CHLOREP network is the contractor program. When an incident occurs and a contractor’s assistance is required, industry officials and emergency responders can be assured that CHLOREP contractors have been thoroughly vetted and are subject to ongoing review. Under this program, verification teams comprised of representatives from chlorine producers, packagers, railroads and Institute staff visit these contractors every two or three years (depending on the capability level) to ensure they are fully prepared to safely resolve potential emergencies. Contractors have substantial experience in responding to chlorine emergencies and can be either a Level 2 or Level 3 contractor.



Level 2

A Level 2 contractor is prepared to respond to a chlorine leak from a small container or minor release from a tank car. This includes use of the A-, B-, and C-kits or a cylinder recovery vessel. These contractors are also capable of patching a vessel in the field for any mission chemical and dealing with environmental cleanup. Additional Level 2 requirements and criteria can be found in the program description linked further below (under Verification Program Documentation). Current Level 2 contractors are listed below:

  1. GFL Environmental
  2. NUCOR Environmental Solutions Ltd. 
  3. QM Environmental
  4. RST Industries Limited 
  5. Terrapure
  6. E3 Environmental
  7. Rybak Environmental, Inc.
  8. West Central Environmental Consultants
  9. HESCA Environmental Services



Level 3

In addition to those capabilities listed for Level 2 contractors, a Level 3 is fully prepared to perform a field transfer of chlorine, as well as a valve change-out on a residue chlorine tank car. Level 3 contractors also have the capability to respond to anhydrous hydrogen chloride (AHCl) and vinyl chloride (VCM) emergencies. Additonal Level 3 requirements and criteria can be found in the program description linked further below (under Verification Program Documentation). Current Level 3 contractors are listed below:

  1. Specialized Professional Services Inc.
  2. Specialized Response Solutions
  3. United Professional Services, LTD



Verification Program Documentation

The following documentation provides more details on the requirements and criteria to be a CHLOREP verified contractor, U.S. verification forms and procedures, and CI’s Canadian TEAP III addendum and Canadian verification procedures.

  1. CHLOREP Emergency Response Contractor Verification - Program Description
  2. CHLOREP Contractor Verification - U.S. Procedure
  3. U.S. CHLOREP Level 2 & 3 Contractors – Full Verification Form
  4. U.S. CHLOREP Level 2 Contractors - Annual Update Form
  5. CHLOREP Contractor Verification - Canadian Procedure
  6. CI Canadian TEAP III Assessment - CHLOREP Addendum Form



Verification Reports and Schedule

To request any contractors' verification reports or find out when their next verification is scheduled, contact Robyn Kinsley, Vice President of Transportation & Emergency Preparedness