Chlorine Response / CHLOREP


Launched in 1972, CHLOREP (the Chlorine Emergency Plan) is The Chlorine Institute’s mutual aid program that provides a rapid and effective response to chlorine emergencies in the U.S. and Canada by ensuring that transportation service providers, end-users, first responders, hazmat teams and others have quick access to accurate information and industry expertise. Supported by chlorine producers, packagers and specially trained emergency response contractors, CHLOREP provides emergency responders with expert support via telephone within minutes, and if needed, will rapidly deploy emergency equipment and personnel to the scene of any chlorine emergency in the U.S. or Canada. The CHLOREP network includes more than 80 response teams from 21 Chlorine Institute member companies across the U.S. and Canada, as well as 9 emergency response contractors who meet the Institute’s stringent performance requirements.


CHLOREP Emergency Response Assistance

CHLOREP assistance during a chlorine emergency is available 24/7, through The Chlorine Institute’s collaboration with CHEMTREC® (the Chemical Transportation Emergency Center, operated by the American Chemistry Council) and CANUTEC (the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre, operated by Transport Canada). To activate CHLOREP for assistance with an incident, the first step is to contact CHEMTREC® or CANUTEC. CHEMTREC® provides a direct link to the closest CHLOREP response team. CANUTEC provides a link to CHLOREP via the shipper’s Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP).

If you have a chlorine emergency, immediately contact one of the following emergency call center. 

In U.S. and Canada

(also accept international calls)
Toll-Free 800-424-9300
Toll 703-527-3887

In Canada

Toll-Free 888-226-8832
Toll 613-996-6666