Stewardship Overview

The Chlorine Institute, in its goal of zero releases and injuries from mission chemicals, serves the membership and the public in all areas relating to the safe use and handling of these mission chemicals: chlorine, sodium and potassium hydroxides, and sodium hypochlorite; and the distribution and use of hydrogen chloride. These objectives will be accomplished by fostering continuous improvements in the safe use and handling of mission chemicals. Specific issues are addressed by a number of methods including:

  1. Provide, promote and distribute a publications library consisting of pamphlets, drawings, videos and other communication tools to help educate and address the various needs of the membership and customers.
  2. Develop programs and strategies to encourage the responsible handling and safe use of mission chemicals.
  3. Develop programs to track and measure improvements in the safe handling and use of mission chemicals.

The mission of the Chlorine Institute is to promote the continuous improvement of operational safety, security practices and emergency response within the chlor-alkali industry and the customers of our products by promoting voluntary initiatives and sound regulatory programs where prudent. Chlorine Institute members are committed to adopting CI's safety and stewardship initiatives, including pamphlets, checklists, and incident sharing, that will assist members in achieving measurable improvement.

At the core of its chlorine stewardship program is the Member Safety and Security Commitment and Pamphlet Certification. All Chlorine Institute member companies that produce, distribute or use chlorine annually certify that they will meet this commitment.

Member safety and stewardship is a critical part of the CI mission. Chlorine and other chemicals derived from chlorine are essential to our way of life and the economy. Chlorine chemistry is used to provide safe drinking water, produce more than 90 percent of pharmaceuticals, and even develop alternative energy sources including solar energy.

Chlorine is needed everywhere but is produced in few places. That's why CI is committed to ensuring the safe distribution of chlorine to prevent accidents from occurring. We are also committed to ensuring emergency responders are prepared in the event of an incident.

Learn more about our upcoming training sessions for emergency responders.

To download the Member Safety and Security and Pamphlet Certification Forms, follow this link to Resources; the forms are located at the bottom of the page.