ER Training, Exercises & Outreach

CI maintains an aggressive emergency response outreach effort which includes participation in TRANSCAER®, Hazmat Conferences, and partnerships with Training Centers. Below you will find an overview of the various emergency response related activities CI takes on.  In addition to these activities, many CI members conduct their own outreach activities. If you have training needs that are outside the activities listed below, simply contact CI at and we will see what we can do to help you out.



TRANSCAER®, Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response, is a partnership between the chemical industry and transportation providers including the railroads and trucking companies, that work collaboratively to assist communities along hazardous materials transportation routes in preparing to respond effectively to an incident. For further details, please visit the National TRANSCAER website at

As a sponsor CI has an extensive event schedule in order to fulfill its commitment to educational outreach.

Hands-On Training

This FREE training is an 8-hour day that provides an overview of railroad safety and CI’s mission chemicals which lead to hands-on training on the various emergency response kits and leak mitigation scenarios. These hands-on workshops are a great resource for technician-and specialist-level training for emergency response personnel. Each of the following locations offers multiple days to attend the 8-hour training.  Watch the video below to view a collection of pictures from CI's sponsored TRANSCAER® tour.

The Chlorine Institute’s 2023 TRANSCAER® Rail Safety and Hazmat Emergency Response Training Schedule will be posted soon. You will be able to click on an event date to be directed to the event registration page. The same information and hands-on workshops stations are presented each day so you only need to register for one day.


Other Training Events:

In addition to training stops in the U.S., The Chlorine Institute and its partners will be hosting a Rail Safety and Hazmat Emergency Response training in Mexico. This free, 8-hour training provides an overview of railroad safety, as well as CI’s mission chemicals. There will be opportunities for hands-on training on the various emergency response kits. More details will be coming soon.


Otros eventos de entrenamiento: 

Además de los eventos de capacitación en los EE. UU., el Instituto del Cloro y demás asociados llevarán a cabo una capacitación sobre Seguridad Ferroviaria y Respuesta a Emergencias de Materiales Peligrosos en México. Esta capacitación gratuita de 8 horas proporciona una descripción general de la seguridad ferroviaria, así como los productos químicos misión del CI.* Habrá oportunidades para capacitación práctica usando los diferentes kits de respuesta de emergencia. Se darán más detalles a futuro.

*Los químicos misión del Instituto son: cloro, hidróxido de sodio e hidróxido de potasio, hipoclorito de sodio, distribución del monocloruro de vinilo (MCV) y la distribución y uso del cloruro de hidrógeno.




The Chlorine Institute participates in exercises on an ongoing basis. Requests for CI to collaborate and participate in an exercise are accepted on a continuous basis; we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Our availability will be based on our training schedule and resources. Please submit your request to CI does not cover the costs of the exercise (including but not limited to: documentation preparation and printing, staffing for exercise including back-fill/overtime, equipment, food, portable toilets, etc.). 

If you are looking for grant funding to support your exercise needs, we recommend you contact your local and state emergency management agencies. The Chlorine Institute does not offer grant funding.



Regional Hazmat Exercise 2018
Richmond, VA


2018 City of Richmond/Henrico County (VA) Exercise Support Documents/Templates:

Please note the exercise documents will need to be reviewed and revised based on your exercise needs, scenario, and specific locality/department plans and procedures.