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North American Producer

North American Producer Membership is open to companies that produce chlorine, caustic soda or caustic potash in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Institute members account for majority of U. S. production of chlorine and related alkali chemicals. The North American Producer members support the Institute with annual dues and assessments based on annual production.

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Packager/Bleach Producer

Packager/Bleach Producer Membership is open to any firm or corporation located in North America and engaged in the packaging of chlorine and/or the production of sodium hypochlorite. In addition, Packager and Bleach Producer members support the Institute with annual dues and assessments.

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Overseas Producer

Overseas Producer Membership is open to companies located outside the United States, Canada, and Mexico that produce chlorine, caustic soda or caustic potash.

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Associate Membership is open to all other companies with an interest in the chlor-alkali industry, including makers of equipment for producing, handling, shipping, and dispensing chlorine; salt suppliers; chlorine consumers; water and wastewater treatment facilities; pool chlorinators; and designers and builders of chlorine plants.

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Associate - Emergency Response Contractors

Any firm or corporation not eligible for Producer or Packager/Bleach Producer membership, but who are interested in the continued development and improvement of the chlor-alkali industry; involved in supplying the chlor-alkali industry; users of its products; or producers and users of hydrogen chloride.

Emergency Response Contractors are a special sub-category of Associate Membership that, if eligible, the company receives a reduced membership fee. To qualify for this category, your company must be successfully verified by CI in accordance with the Chlorine Emergency Plan (CHLOREP) Contractor Verification Program requirements. If an emergency response contractor does not successfully pass verification and wishes to continue as a CI member, the company may do so as a regular Associate Member and pay the fee associated with that category. (Companies applying for this category should request a copy of the CHLOREP Contractor Verification Program description, which includes information about the process and requirements.)

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