Emergency Response Resources

CI maintains a number of safety publications and training videos related to mission chemical response. All are available in the CI Bookstore. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Transportation and Transport Canada provide the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) (link broken) and other emergency response resource materials.  To learn more, see our Emergency Response Brochure or visit our bookstore online: https://www.chlorineinstitute.org/products.



Online Learning Videos

The Chlorine Institute has two awareness-level training videos that provide information on the chemical and physical properties of chlorine and chlorine emergency response. Please remember, You Are Not Alone. There are plenty of resources available to help in the event of a chlorine emergency.

Chlorine Chemical & Physical Properties Video (44 minutes)

Objectives of this video:

  • Introduce TRANSCAER®, CHEMTREC®, the Chlorine Institute and CHLOREP
  • Provide an overview of the chemical and physical properties, uses and hazards of chlorine and the health and environmental hazards that may be encountered
  • Provide an understanding of chlorine exposure and treatment of exposures
  • Provide an overview of the resources available


Chlorine Emergency Response Video (1 hour 4 minutes)

Objectives of this video:

  • Introduce TRANSCAER®, CHEMTREC®, the Chlorine Institute and CHLOREP 
  • Review the various chlorine shipping and storage containers, how to identify them and differentiate them from other chemical containers
  • Provide an overview of the emergency response kits that can be used to mitigate leaks from those containers if other methods (i.e. closing valves, etc.) are not successful
  • Review of CHLOREP Case Studies and Chlorine Incidents
  • Review Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Public Protective Actions recommendations, considerations and decisions
  • Provide an overview of the resources available

Please note CI does not issue certificates for watching these online learning videos. We do issue certificates for participation in CI webinars and our Rail Safety & Hazmat Emergency Response training events. These events and webinars are continually posted to the ER Training, Exercises & Outreach page.  


Video de Respuesta a Emergencias de Cloro (1 hora 35 minutos)

Objetivos de este video:

  • Introducir a TRANSCAER®, CHEMTREC®, el Instituto del Cloro y CHLOREP
  • Revisar los diversos contenedores de transporte y almacenamiento de cloro, así cómo identificarlos y diferenciarlos de otros contenedores de productos químicos
  • Proporcionar una descripción general de los kits de respuesta a emergencias de cloro que se pueden utilizar para mitigar las fugas de esos contenedores si otros métodos (es decir, cerrar válvulas, etc.) no tienen éxito
  • Revisión de casos de estudio de CHLOREP e incidentes con cloro
  • Revisar el equipo de protección personal (EPP) y las recomendaciones, consideraciones y decisiones sobre acciones de protección pública
  • Proporcionar una visión general de otros recursos disponibles

Tenga en cuenta que el Instituto del Cloro no emite certificados por ver estos videos en línea. Emitimos certificados cuando se participa activamente en los seminarios en línea de Instiuto y en nuestros eventos de capacitación de Seguridad Ferroviária y Respuesta a Emergencias de Materiales Peligrosos. Estos eventos y seminarios web se anuncian continuamente en la Página de capacitación y divulgación de eventos de entrenamientos de emergencias de cloro.  





Instructor Presentation Materials

Chlorine Chemical & Physical Properties Slide Presentation & Script: To download the PowerPoint slides and script *member log-in required (link is broken on original site)

Chlorine Emergency Response Presentation & Script: To download the PowerPoint slides and script *member log-in required

Chlorine Chemical & Physical Properties Slide Presentation & Script (SPANISH): To download the PowerPoint slides and script *member log-in required

Chlorine Emergency Response Presentation & Script (SPANISH): To download the PowerPoint slides and script *member log-in required

Slide links are broken



Spanish Instruction Booklets - Chlorine Institute Emergency Kits

In partnership with KCSM Servicios, S.A. de C.V., the following instruction booklet has been translated into Spanish.

CI is currently working to translate the Instruction Booklets for Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit “A” for 100 LB. and 150 LB. Chlorine Cylinders and the Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit 'B' for Chlorine Ton Containers into Spanish. 

ACLARACIÓN: La versión es español es una traducción de la versión original en inglés, esta traducción solo sirve con fines informativos. En caso de discrepancia prevalecerá la versión en inglés. Esta traducción fue hecha por KCSM Servicios, S.A. de C.V., Coordinación de Materiales Peligrosos, Luis Daniel Canino Morales. Indian Springs Mfg. Co., Inc. y KCSM Servicios, S.A. de C.V., NO asumen ninguna responsabilidad por los errores, omisiones o uso indebido de este documento.



Folletos de instrucciones en español - Kits de emergencia del Instituto de cloro

En asociación con KCSM Servicios, S.A. de C.V., el siguiente folleto de instrucciones se ha traducido al español.

Actualmente, CI está trabajando para traducir los Folletos de instrucciones para el kit de emergencia “A” del Instituto del Cloro para cilindros de cloro de 100 libras (45 kgs.) y 150 libras (68 kgs.) y el kit de emergencia “B” del Instituto de Cloro para contenedores de cloro en español.



CI Information Bulletins

CI issues informational CHLOREP Bulletin's to provide pertinent information and learning opportunities for CHLOREP Teams and first responders. When this occurs, Information Bulletins may be issued to inform the teams of the incidents or changes to equipment or procedures. Please find and download our emergency response-related Information Bulletins below. Questions or comments should be directed to the Technical Service department at techsvc@cl2.com.

  1. Guidance for First Responders Handling "Orphaned" Chlorine Containers
  2. CHLOREP Team Guidance for Responding to Orphaned Chlorine Containers
  3. Chlorine Emergency Kit Inspection & Storage Guidance
  4. C-Kit Briefing
  5. Modified Emergency Kit C Application for Certain Dual Valve Systems
  6. Indio, CA Incident Summary
  7. DOT-SP-15036 Damage Assessment & Breach Mitigation
  8. Device 400A for Emergency Kits A & B
  9. 2020 ERG Updates Bulletin



Smartphone Apps & Mobile-Enabled Websites:

There are many reference tools that are available to first responders as smartphone apps. For example, the ERG is available as a smartphone app directly from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. Other useful phone apps or mobile-enabled websites include WISER, an app that provides chemical, radiological, and biological information for first responders and medical personnel, published by the National Institutes of Health and CAMEO, a mobile-enabled chemical data website published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There are numerous online and mobile resources not mentioned, but you should carefully choose which resources you use. Some sources may not be completely up-to-date and it is recommended that you use only information from trusted sources, such as from governmental agencies or reputable emergency response organizations.

Name Description Source
ERG Electronic version of ERG US DOT/PHMSA
WISER @NIH HazMat info, Info tailored to your role (hospital provider, EMS, preparedness planner, etc.), Radiological and biological substance support; Includes ERG data National Institute of Health Link Broken
CAMEO Mobile-enable website with chemical information, highly searchable NOAA