Pool Chemical Safety Video

This pool chemical safety video, intended for homeowners and commercial pool managers, outlines the safe use of pool chemicals. Produced by The Chlorine Institute and the American Chemistry Council, the video includes health and safety messages from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Additionally, CDC has developed two posters on chemical storage and handling. These posters are useful to homeowners, neighbors, and anyone who is responsible for chemical handling at a pool or spa whether at work or at play. The posters are available in both English and Spanish; a free copy can be downloaded from the CDC website:

Pool Chemical Safety
Pool Chemical Safety (SPANISH)
Pool Chemical Safety Storage
Pool Chemical Safety Storage (SPANISH)

For other pool safety related posters from the CDC, visit their website.

To learn more about the aspects of swimming pool safety that have recently been discussed you can visit the Euro Chlor's safe swimming pool page by clicking here.



Cylinder Safety Video

This Compressed Gas Container Safety video, is intended for scrap yard personnel, and outlines the safe handling of unidentified gas containers. Produced by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and The Chlorine Institute (CI), this six minute training video identifies and demonstrates specific cylinder safety processes, focusing on the message of Stop, Look, Think, Call.


Compressed Gas Container Safety Trifold | Spanish - Able to fit in a worker’s pocket and withstand the environment of a scrap yard, it serves as a constant reminder to Stop, Look, Think, Call when dealing with a chlorine container.

Compressed Gas Container Safety Handout | Spanish - A more in-depth description of the four steps to help train scrap yard personnel.


Cylinder Safety – Receiving and Handling After Natural Disaster Exposure

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) published two informative Safety Alerts:

 — Receiving Cylinders After Natural Disaster Exposure (SA-31-2017)

 — Handling Cylinders After Natural Disaster Exposure (SA-30-2017)

Both documents contain guidance on safe practices when handling and receiving cylinders that may have been impacted by flood waters, hurricanes, fire, tornado, etc.



Checklists & Other Forms

Checklist 1) Bulk Chlorine Customer Safety & Security

Packaged Chlorine Customer Checklist (Interactive)

Packaged Chlorine Distributor Customer Checklist (Interactive)

Letter to Accompany Packaged Chlorine Distributor Customer Checklist

Sodium Hypochlorite Customers Generic Safety and Security Checklist (Interactive)

Sodium Hydroxide Release Fact Sheet *member log-in required

Member Safety and Security and Pamphlet Certification Forms *member log-in required


Checklists for Packagers

The Chlorine Institute has prepared a letter that describes the reasons why we developed the checklists and why the Institute has made their use or comparable ones a condition of CI membership.

Checklist Guidance Document: Checklists Guidance Document *member log-in required

Explanatory Letter for Customer Checklist Use: Checklist Reasons Letter *member log-in required