Transportation Resources Overview

The Chlorine Institute's Transportation Issue Team develops various guidance and documents, in addition to the regularly published pamphlets (refer to Bookstore for list of publications), which are intended to serve as supplemental information to ensure the safe loading, unloading and distribution of chlorine and other CI mission products.

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  • Information Bulletin - Excess Flow Valve Stencil Recommendation
  • PHMSA Interpretation Regarding Chlorine Tank Car PRDs
  • CI Safety Alert - Chlorine Tank Car Pressure Relief Devices
  • CI Information Bulletin - Dual Valve Systems
  • Breakaway Fittings Final Report and Recommendations
  • Chlorine Tank Car Securement Outreach Letter
  • CI Information Bulletin - Excess Flow Valves


  • CI Information Bulletin - Caustic Car PRD Recommendation
  • CI Caustic Corrosion Test - Summary and Test Results

Hydrochloric Acid

Rail Transport

  • Tank Car Qualification – Owner Responsibilities & Audit Guidance

Highway Transport

General Transport

  • 2020 CI Transportation Incident Report
  • CI Transportation Issue Team Efforts & Achievements - August 2021