CHLOREP Sector Operations

The CHLOREP emergency response mutual aid network is divided into 21 sectors across the U.S. and Canada. Each sector has a primary team and one or more secondary teams that are available 24/7 to provide a rapid and effective response to chlorine emergencies. There are more than 80 response teams from 21 member companies in the network. The primary team leader in each sector is responsible for ensuring effective communications between teams to promote awareness and coordination of resources for response within the sector.



Sector Map

The US and Canada are divided into sectors as part of the CHLOREP Mutual Aid Network (as show above without companies listed). Within each sector a primary team has the lead when the mutual aid network is activated. The primary team is positioned to lend assistance either via telephone or through deployment to an incident site as indicated by the severity of the incident. Packager teams are available in most sectors to provide assistance for ton and cylinder incidents. The CHLOREP Sector Map (version with companies) details the breakdown of the U.S. and Canada for CHLOREP operational purposes and shows the locations of CHLOREP response teams and CHLOREP contractors.



CHLOREP Handbook

The Handbook contains the detailed organizational and operating procedures for the CHLOREP Network. Appendix III of the Handbook provides comprehensive Incident Management Guidance for CHLOREP Teams' on-site chlorine emergency response operations. 

The CHLOREP Handbook recently underwent a comprehensive update to include up-to-date information and to ensure the guidance provided was directly related to a CHLOREP Team’s role in a response. Edition 7 (December 2021) of the Handbook is now available for download.



CHLOREP Post-Emergency Critique

The CHLOREP Post-Emergency Critique is a reporting form for CHLOREP activations that details the incident and how the CHLOREP team or other outside group(s) responded to the incident. Click here to submit a post-emergency critique.



CHLOREP Sector Contacts & Capabilities

Each sector has multiple teams which enable the network to respond to an emergency in a timely and effective manner. CHLOREP Sector Contacts & Capabilities spreadsheet provides a ready reference to help team leaders understand what resources are available within each sector – and who they can call on for assistance.



CHLOREP Leadership Calls

Periodically during the year, Team Leaders participate in webinars to share important information intended to improve network capabilities, training opportunities, and provide a forum for sharing lessons learned during activations. If you are a CHLOREP Team Leader and would like to learn more, contact Robyn Kinsley.