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Monthly Regulatory Updates (Members Only)

CI publishes regulatory updates every month for members highlighting news affecting the chlor-alkali industry, including proposed rules, open comment periods, interpretations on existing rules, voluntary programs, newly published resources, training opportunities, and agency directives.  The updates focus on news from the:

  • Chemical Safety Board (CSB)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Other applicable agencies

Members may elect to receive this update via email by clicking “Members Only” and opting into the HESS Distribution (Regulatory Updates, Safety Alerts, Information Bulletins).

Current and Previous Year Monthly Regulatory Updates


CI Safety Alerts (Members Only)

Safety alerts are 1-2 page, members-only documents that highlight lessons learned from incidents. If you are a member with an incident to share, use this form to describe your incident and provide any pictures. 

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CI Safety Alert – Bystander Chlorine Exposure

CI Safety Alert – Premature PPE Doffing

CI Safety Alert – Trip Logic

CI Safety Alert – FRC and Insect Repellent

CI Safety Alert – Accidental Mixing Incident at Production Facility

CI Safety Alert – Wrong Valve Position

CI Safety Alert – Wet PPE at Bleach Manufacturer







Information Bulletins (Members Only)

Information Bulletins are short, focused documents that address pressing issues affecting the chlor-alkali industry, such as major regulatory rule changes, regulatory enforcement changes, and/or standards updates.

Information Bulletin - PSM Enforcement

Information Bulletin - Eye and Face Protection

Information Bulletin - Drench Units

Information Bulletin - RMP Enforcement


Pamphlets, Videos and Wall Charts

Pamphlets are 10-100+ page guidance documents that detail chemical properties, safe handling, use, and transport.  There are over fifty titles available in our bookstore and all safety pamphlets are free to download.  CI also publishes videos and wall charts summarizing best practices found in the pamphlets, which may be freely streamed or downloaded from the bookstore.


Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Process Safety Beacons (Members Only)

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) publishes monthly process safety beacons.  These one-page documents highlight hazards and incidents at facilities and laboratories. The most recent are posted here; anyone can access past issues on the AIChE website.

Process Safety Beacon – Happy 20th Anniversary – Process Safety Beacon | Spanish | French

Process Safety Beacon – How do you Know your Safety Devices are Working? | Spanish | French

Process Safety Beacon – Does your nose really know? Probably not! | Spanish | French

Process Safety Beacon – Explosion of a Tank Containing “Mostly Water” | Spanish | French

Process Safety Beacon – Cyber Security and Chemical Operations | Spanish | French



Other Resources (Members Only)

Occasionally, there are additional resources that are of interest and do not fall into the categories above.

Incident Investigation Guidance

DHS Compliance Inspection Templates and Member Learnings

CI Security Guidance

Industry Guidance