Peter M. Mayo Award for Outstanding Service to The Chlorine Institute

Criteria and Eligibility

This award is presented annually to an individual in the chlor-alkali industry in recognition of his or her service and leadership in the chlorine industry through participation in the Chlorine Institute. Sponsored by the Institute's Board of Directors, the award is given in memory of Peter M. Mayo, a leader in the industry, a strong supporter of safety excellence, a former Chair of the Storage and Transport Committee, and an active participant in CI for more than 30 years.


Basis and Qualification

The individual is selected based upon the following criteria:

  1. Long term contributions in the form of association activities such as: service on issue teams, task groups and special projects; work on code writing; and presentations at safety seminars.
  2. Specific activities that promote chlor-alkali industry safety or security initiatives as part of the individual's role representing a member company (For example: safety and training videos, inventions for product handling, and innovations in safety programs).


List of Award Recipients

  • 2005 Award Recipient — Jerry Odom (Olin Corporation)
  • 2006 Co-Award Recipients — R. Gerald Portis (Midland Manufacturing) and Gerald F. Connell (Halogen Valve consultant, retired from Capital Controls)
  • 2007 Award Recipient — Gary Alexander (Occidental Chemical)
  • 2008 Award Recipient — Bennie Deaton (Westlake, retired)
  • 2009 Award Recipient — Cal Towns (Dow Chemical)
  • 2010 Award Recipient — Steve Fitzgerald (Occidental Chemical)
  • 2011 Award Recipient — Julie Bart (PPG Industries)
  • 2012 Award Recipient — Dick Ness (Olin Corporation)
  • 2013 Award Recipient — Dan Thompson (Occidental Chemical)
  • 2014 Award Recipient — J.J. Hiemenz (Dow Chemical)
  • 2015 Award Recipient — David Garner (Brenntag)
  • 2016 Award Recipient — Bruce Fleming (Olin Corporation)
  • 2017 Award Recipient — Terry Rockwell (Specialized Response Solutions, LP)
  • 2018 Award Recipient — Robin Bolte (Allied Universal Corporation)
  • 2019 Award Recipient — Arthur Hamby Jr. (Olin Corporation)
  • 2020 Award Recipient — Randy Rowe (ERCO Worldwide, retired)
  • 2021 Award Recipient — Tracy Clark (United Professional Services, Ltd)
  • 2022 Award Recipient — Jim Palmer (Allied Universal Corporation)
  • 2023 Award Recipient — Chris "Hoot" Gibson (Hawkins, Inc.)