Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC)

In 1996, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) established the Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) to develop new safety regulatory standards, through a collaborative process with all segments of the rail community working together. RSAC creates various working groups that are focused on specific safety issues. These groups collectively seek agreement on the facts and data underlying any real or perceived safety problems, identify cost-effective solutions, and identify regulatory options, where necessary, to implement the solutions. The working groups develop recommendations that are forwarded to the broader RSAC, where they are discussed and voted on. If approved, the recommendations are passed on to the agency for consideration.

The Chlorine Institute participates as a member of the RSAC as one of the shipper representatives. CI believes this is another opportunity to work collaboratively with other rail industry stakeholders to ensure the development of effective regulatory, or non-regulatory, solutions and continuous improvement in safety for the transportation of our products by rail.