The Surface Transportation Board (STB) is an economic regulatory agency charged with resolving freight railroad rate and service disputes, reviewing proposed rail mergers, rail line purchases, constructions and abandonments. The Board also oversees Amtrak's on-time performance and has jurisdiction over other matters.

The STB often addresses rail service issues that potentially have significant impact on the transport of chemicals and other freight commodities. CI frequently submits comments to relevant dockets, either on its own or jointly with other associations having rail customer interests. Below is a sample list of dockets two which CI has submitted comments. Individual comments and STB decisions can be searched on STB’s website.

  • EP 705 - Railroad Competition
  • EP 711 - Revised Competitive Switching Rules 
  • EP 714 - Revisions to Paper Barriers
  • EP 715 - Rate Regulation Reform
  • EP 722 & EP 761 - Rail Revenue Adequacy
  • EP 739 - Ex Parte Communications
  • EP 752 – AAR Petition to Implement Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • EP 755 – Final Offer Rate Review

  • EP 756 – Market Dominance Streamlined Approach

  • EP 765 – Railroad Petition for Alternative Arbitration Program

  • EP 766 – Railroad Petition for Modified Revenue Adequacy Determinations

  • EP 768 - Petition for Rulemaking to Adopt Rules Governing Private Railcar Use by Railroads
  • FD 36500 - Canadian Pacific Railway - Kansas City Southern Merger
  • NOR 42144 - Railcar Owner Challenge on Union Pacific Railroad Empty Railcar Charge