Dave Johnson - HASA, Inc.

Member Spotlight,

October Member Spotlight - Dave Johnson (HASA, Inc.)

CI: Tell us a little about yourself, and what you do.

I graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1989.  I have spent the last 23 years working for Hasa, Inc. in various positions. I am currently the Vice President of Engineering and Regulatory Affairs. I have held the position of Plant Manager and spent twelve years as the Health, Environment, Safety, and Security Director for Hasa. Prior to working at Hasa, I held positions in Engineering with Eaton’s Semiconductor Division and Boeing’s Commercial Aerospace Division, working in the 747 Flight Controls Group.


CI: When did you first become involved at CI? What activities have you been involved in at CI?

I have participated in Chlorine Institute activities since 2003, and served on the Sustainable Technology Issue Team for seven years. I have participated in numerous CI task groups over the years and provided support related to the monitoring and development of the Uniform Fire Code.


CI: What is something interesting about you that few would know or guess?

I was the Scoutmaster of a local Boy Scout Troop for seven years and was able to help and guide twenty-one scouts to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout.


CI: Tell us about your favorite CI memory or success story.

A memorable moment was participating in the American Chemistry Council’s Chemtrec Emergency Response Training at the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, CO that the Chlorine Institute promoted in 2003. This training is similar to the Chlorine Institute CHLOREP Training. This training and the products from CI have been instrumental in the development of Hasa’s safety programs and procedures.


CI: What do you value most from your CI membership?

The safety and technological knowledge contained in the Institute’s pamphlets, literature, and training materials is invaluable in promoting and preserving the safety of our facilities and our industry. The ability to reach out to other member companies to seek guidance, collaboration, and advice is instrumental for improving facility safety and establishing industry standards. The willingness of member companies to share safety and technical knowledge is a testament to our commitment to safety, the environment, and our communities.


CI: What advice do you have for early career professionals in the chlor-alkali industry?

Take advantage of the extensive technical and safety knowledge contained in the Institute’s pamphlets, literature, and training materials. This information is based on years of industry experience and hard knocks, which can help expediate your understanding of the safety hazards in our industry and how to prevent accidental releases. Network with other company members and don’t be afraid to participate in the activities of the Chlorine Institute, get involved with the Task Groups and volunteer for a position on the Issue Teams.


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