Dwayne Delancey - The Chemours Company

Member Spotlight,

November Member Spotlight – Dwayne Delancey (The Chemours Company)

CI: Tell us a little about yourself, and what you do.

I have been on the Delisle site for 22 years. All those have been in the training department. I have been training the Delisle Emergency Brigade for 16 of those years. I’m a 40hr Hazmat Technician, CPR Instructor and Fire Safety Resource / Auditor. I’m also the Maintenance Training Lead for the Delisle Chemours Titanium Technologies (TT) site.


CI: When did you first become involved at CI? What activities have you been involved in at CI?

I have been involved with the Chlorine Institute in some form for the past 7 years.


CI: What is something interesting about you that few would know or guess?

After years of responding and treating all types of wounds, I still to this day hate getting a shot or giving blood. But I’m on the schedule to give every time I’m eligible. I feel like it is the least I can do.


CI: Tell us about your favorite CI memory or success story.

One of my fondest memories is sitting together with all the Chlorine Institute Instructors at the Ms. Fire Academy after a full day of training and just listening to the stories that they were telling. The problems they faced and what they had to do to make a horrible incident safe for personnel and the environment.


CI: What do you value most from your CI membership?

I value the people and comradery that we have. The one thing you can’t train is experience and we have a ton of that. The network of professionals that we have available is priceless and to know that everyone is just a phone call or email away makes it even better.


CI: What advice do you have for early career professionals in the chlor-alkali industry?

Don’t be afraid to volunteer and ask questions. There is so much to learn and people that are experts in the field for the mission chemicals that are willing to share everything they can. Whether it be chemical properties, first aid, mitigation or environmental impact, the knowledge is there to be shared. It’s up to us to step up and fill those rolls as time presses on.


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