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June Member Spotlight - Troy Scarrow (OPW Global - Midland Manufacturing)

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CI: Tell us a little about yourself, and what you do.

I am a regional sales manager for Midland.  We make valves for CI mission chemicals to be used on tank cars, ISO tanks, truck trailers, & storage tanks.  I am responsible for Canada, Western US & International accounts.  I have been with Midland in this role for 10 and a half years. I have been in the rail industry for 27 years. In that time, I have worked as a certified railcar repair person, conductor, Operation Manager for Class 1 railway, and in sales & marketing for the Class 1 railway.  I am a PADI certified rescue scuba diver & ski patroller outside of work, along with helping my teenage daughter in equestrian riding competition. 

CI: When did you first become involved at CI? What activities have you been involved in at CI?

I have been participating with the Chlorine Institute since I started at Midland in 2014. Activities that I am involved in with CI are: TRANSCAER stops training with Roar Broch. He taught me how to train first responders on the setup & use of the Midland ERK response kit.  I also attend the CI Spring & Fall meetings, while at the meetings, I participate collaborating with the EPIT & Transportation issue teams.  The past 2 years I have attended the CHLOREP training in Jackson, MS to train CI member response teams on the use and applying of the Midland ERK kit.  In Canada I assist CI with Level II CHLOREP member training and TRANSCAER stops.  

CI: What is something interesting about you that few would know or guess?

When I retire the plan is to live in New Zealand, it is such a beautiful and diverse country.  I have spent 45 days on two separate trips exploring the two islands of New Zealand.  Also, I am a big WWII buff. I got to spend 10 days in Poland, the impact of the start of WWII took place in Poland so it was interesting to explore and understand the history.  I was there for work and the factory we were at was an old factory built for Tiger & Panzer tanks for the German army.  Now it builds tank cars to European and AAR standards depending on the customer.

CI: Tell us about your favorite CI memory or success story. 

TRANSCAER stop in Richmond, VA where we did a 4-day tour stop.  The first two days were the typical TRANSCAER training and the last two days were CI’s first ever scenario situation that Erica Bernstein planned.  The first responders had to use the training from the first 2 days to respond to a leaking Chlorine tank car in a derailment and use the methods learned to stop the leak or cap the valve, while communicating with various agencies on the response.

CI: What do you value most from your CI membership?

I value the relationships that I have made in my time working with CI.  They have truly opened the doors to meet the most skilled responders in the world that lead with profound passion and to build those lifelong friendships. The camaraderie built is a testament to CI’s ability to bring producers, packagers, and responders together to protect our employees and our communities.  Even some of the retired instructors from TRANSCAER events, I keep in touch with or visit to this day.

CI: What advice do you have for early career professionals in the chlor-alkali industry?

Get involved, learn from seasoned coworkers as they have lots of knowledge to pass on to new employees.  Network with individuals in the industry & build those relationships as they can be a resource when you need assistance or provide guidance to resolve an issue.

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