2024 Annual Meeting - Technology Symposium

The 2024 Annual Meeting, Technology Symposium and Table-Top Expo is CI's primary education and networking event for professionals in the chlor-alkali industry to connect and collaborate. The Technology Symposium presentations will focus on technology, safety, and security. The Table-Top Expo is an opportunity for industry stakeholders to exhibit new technologies, services, and processes as they relate to the advancement of safety and security. 

There will be over 40 presentations given by speakers are working on or have worked on a technical project, have written a technical paper, or have a new technology, safety practice, or security practice to introduce to the chlor-alkali industry.

The presentations are intended to focus on technology, safety and security, and are not commercial sales pitches. All presentations are submitted for review in advance to assure compliance with the anti-trust and non-commercial guidelines.

Some presentation topics include:

  • Chlorine Gas Sampling in Cell Room
  • Safe Operation of Chlorine Compressors
  • Decarbonizing the Chemicals Industry: The Role of Small Modular Reactors in an Electrified Future
  • Enhancing Bolted Flange Joint Reliability with ASME PCC-1 - 2022
  • Best Practices For Brine Analysis
  • A Materials & Corrosion Knowledge Management Hub for the Chlor-Alkali Industry
  • Counter Drone Technology and the Legal Landscape
  • Piping Materials of Construction in the Chlor-Alkali Environment
  • Future of Refrigeration in Chlorine Manufacture
  • Best Practices for Bolted Flange Joint Root Cause Analysis

Twenty of the presentations shown on Wednesday’s schedule will occur on the day prior (Tuesday). This way, participants will have the opportunity to attend more sessions. The repeated sessions will be printed in the final program. 

Technology Symposium Schedule

Download a printer friendly version of the schedule to read the abstracts